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Devon RIGS Group members comprise of many academic and professional geologists, with a long experience of the County and Southwest region as a whole. Currently there are around 20 active within Devon RIGS Group, although it maintains a significantly larger mailing list.

Meetings are open to all members along with persons subscribed to a mailing list to keep up-to-date on events in Devon geology. Meetings generally take place every two months, with an annual general meeting every March.

Positions held within Devon RIGS Group

Currently there are four official positions within the Group:

  • Chairman – Professor Malcolm Hart

  • Vice Chairman – Peter Chamberlain

  • Secretary – Alan Stapleton

  • Treasurer – Richard Knott

Voluntary and general interest positions are available to anyone interested in getting involved with conservation or local geology projects.

Please use the form at the foot of this page for all enquiries. Your message will be forwarded to the committee, who will respond directly.

Or write to:

Professor Malcolm Hart (Chairman - Devon RIGS)
School of Ocean and Environmental Sciences
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus

Tel: 01752 233100 (Office Hours)